Benefits of choosing a Capital Life Plan

There are many reasons to choose Capital Life as your trusted Funeral Plan provider. Not only do we pride ourselves on our helpful customer service, but we also ensure that in the time of need your loved ones will be treated with care and supported at a difficult time. We have a range of plans that have been designed to suit different budgets and requirements and we offer flexible payment plans so that your funeral plan can be affordable for you.

  • Comprehensive range of plans to suit all budgets
  • Fully guaranteed – even as prices rise there will be nothing more to pay for the services included in your plan
  • A generous allowance towards third party fees (Disbursements)*
  • Your money is safe in a Trust
  • Clear and concise as to what is and what is not included in plans
  • You can tailor our plans to make them personal to you
  • Local Funeral Directors
  • Repatriation service for you and your family and friends (not included in plan)
  • Guaranteed acceptance – no medical required
  • Competitively priced and flexible payment options to suit you

*except for the Ceremonial Plan, which has been designed for those on a more limited budget so covers for all the Funeral Directors costs, but not the third party fees (Disbursements).

Explore and compare our funeral plans here.

We have 5 comprehensive Funeral Plans to choose from...

The Simple Plan

The Ceremonial Plan

The Traditional Plan

The Royal Plan

The Imperial Plan