Record your funeral wishes with us

At Capital Life, we know that talking about your funeral wishes can be difficult. We have created a “Funeral Wishes” document to make this an easier process. 

Once you have purchased a Capital Life funeral plan, you will receive a “Funeral wishes” document in your welcome pack, alongside the details of your plan. You are able to record all your wishes so your family and loved ones know exactly what you would like. The questions are simple, and you may note your choice of flowers, attire, hymns, readings and more. 

Once completed, you can  give copies to your next of kin. You may wish to talk them through it, if you can, to ensure your loved ones are clear on what you would like.

Having all this information in one place will make it a lot easier when the time comes. If you have any questions about filling in the document, then please do contact us or call our advisors on 0800 411 8683.

Download our funeral wishes document here

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