Repatriation service

Here at Capital Life we can help you sort out many of the arrangements around your funeral plan, and this includes international repatriation. So, should you or a loved one die abroad you will have the facility to use our services (at an additional cost) for not only you but also, your friends. We will also help guide you through the procedure of getting your loved one home and offer advice on what you should do. We have prepared a table below with approximate costs of repatriating the body back from popular British holiday destinations as well as those popular places for second homes in the sun:

Destination Approximate cost
North Spain £2,500.00
South Spain £3,000.00
Balearic Islands £4,000.00
France £2,500.00
All USA £7,000.00
Canada £8,000.00
Germany £2,500.00
Cyprus £3,500.00
North Africa £4,500.00
Turkey £4,000.00
India £4,500.00
Pakistan £4,500.00
Australia £14,000.00

For more information about repatriation, please call one of our helpful advisors 0800 411 8683 who can discuss how we can help incorporate repatriation into one of our funeral plans.