What is a Funeral Plan?

What is a Funeral Plan?

It’s not an easy topic to bring up; what would you like for your funeral? Most people tend to try and move the subject on because they find it uncomfortable and upsetting. However, if you plan in advance for your funeral not only can you ensure all your wishes are taken care of, you can make sure the financial considerations are too. This takes a huge burden off the ones you leave behind as well as giving them peace of mind that you get the send-off you wanted.

Capital Life have a range of different funeral plans; from a very simple cremation to an elaborate send-off with limousines for those with a large family and friends. Furthermore, we can tailor our plans to ensure you get the funeral you want. At Capital Life we are very clear and open about what is included and what is not in our funeral plans

Capital Life have a range of plans to suit everyone.
Having a Plan in place is a sensible, practical choice that gives you and your loved one’s peace of mindCompare our Plans

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