Do Capital Life offer cremation plans?

Do Capital Life offer cremation plans?

Capital Life’s funeral plans can be chosen to be carried out as burial or cremation, with the exception of our Simple plan which is a direct cremation only and no burial. 

Cremation plans are becoming a popular choice as burial plots are becoming more scarce and harder to obtain, due to a shortage of space. Burial plots are not included in any of our funeral plans. Funeral trends are showing that direct cremations are rising in popularity, this is where the body is collected by the Funeral Director and the ashes are returned to the next of kin, omitting any service or chapel of rest viewing. 

Our Majestic Cremation Plan is the top of the range of our cremation plans, this premium plan is most suited for those who wish for their funeral to be grand and includes a discretionary £500 allowance towards something special for your send off such as a release of white doves. 

To find out which of our funeral plans are best suited to your budget and needs, contact us or call one of our helpful advisors on 0800 411 8683 and we will advise you the best that we can. 

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