Do Capital Life have pay monthly funeral plans?

Do Capital Life have pay monthly funeral plans? 

Planning your own funeral has many benefits, most importantly it can help to ease the emotional strain from your loved ones when the time comes. At Capital Life we offer pay monthly funeral plans, which means that the cost of your funeral can be broken down into monthly instalments that are suitable to your budget. 

According to the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2021, the average cost of a basic funeral now stands at around £4184; paying for your funeral monthly can make this a lot more manageable and relieve the financial burden from you and your loved ones. As the average time that a funeral will take place is around two weeks after the death, depending on religion or culture, it is a large sum of money that not many would have readily available. 

As the monthly payments will remain the same for the chosen term of your plan as they are when you take it out, unless you decide to pay it off earlier, pay monthly funeral plans are something that can easily be factored into your monthly budget. Spreading the cost over a longer period of time will mean that your monthly payments are less however there is a supplemental charge for each year that the plan is paid over.*

Capital Life’s Pay Monthly Funeral Plans 

All of our plans are available to buy with flexible payment options. There is the choice of paying the plan in full or paying a deposit and taking out a pay monthly funeral plan. When taking out a Capital Life funeral plan, paying a higher deposit will mean that the monthly instalments will be less. The cost of the plan can be paid in full or split over anywhere from 12 months for up to 15 years, depending on your age when taking out the plan. However you can contact one of our helpful advisors at Capital Life at any time and pay more into your plan as and when you are able to. 

Call our helpful advisors on 0800 411 8683 to discuss the different payment options that are available to you when taking out a funeral plan or contact us here.

*There is a flat 5.9% Supplemental Charge for each year of the Plan calculated on the Plan Price and charged each month as part of the instalment payment.  

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