What are the alternatives to a Funeral Plan?

It’s a commonly asked question as many people think that by having savings or an over 50’s plan there will be money set aside to pay for your funeral. But it often isn’t that simple; money in savings can be held up in probate and life insurance may not pay out in time either. Alternatives to funeral plans:

Considerations for choosing a funeral plan Capital Life Funeral Plan Life Policy Savings
Can your loved ones get access to funds quickly following death?
Does it include the services of a trusted, knowledgeable Funeral Director who can take care of not only the funeral arrangements but give guidance on all paperwork etc required?
Is it unaffected by inflation?
Is it unaffected by interest rates?
Does it protect against the ever-rising costs of funerals?
Can you pay in affordable monthly payments?
Can you pay in a one-off lump sum?