What happens if you die without a Will?

If someone passes away without a Will in place, there are very strict rules around who can inherit their Estate. These rules are called the ‘rules of intestacy.’

Under the rules of intestacy, only married or civil partners or close family members can inherit the deceased’s Estate. The rules of intestacy also set out how the Estate is divided up based on its value, whether the deceased was married or in a civil partnership, whether or not they own property and how many children or grandchildren they might have.

If a married couple is separated but not divorced, then the surviving partner would still inherit under the rules of intestacy. If a couple is living together but not married or in a civil partnership, the surviving partner would not be able to inherit under the rules of intestacy.

If a Will is not considered to be valid or legally sound, then the rules of intestacy may apply regardless. It is important to seek professional help and advice to make sure that a Will is legally valid and that if the worst does happen, the instructions in the Will are followed, and the right people inherit the right parts of the deceased’s Estate.

Although it is sometimes a difficult topic to discuss, it is always a good idea to take the time to do proper inheritance planning and to have a Will in place so that your loved ones receive their proper inheritance, and an already difficult time is made easier.

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