What happens when a solicitor is the Executor of a Will?

An Executor is appointed in a person’s Will to deal with their Estate and other affairs after they pass away.

The executor has a number of important jobs, including making sure that Probate is applied for and in place, that the Will is genuine and that the deceased’s Will is closely followed, with everyone named in the will receiving the correct inheritance.

Some people choose to appoint a solicitor as the Executor of a Will rather than a family member or friend. There are many different reasons why someone might decide to appoint a solicitor as the executor of their Will. They might have a very complicated, high-value estate, or there may not be anyone else suitable to take on the role.

It is possible to appoint more than one Executor, and it is also possible to name a close friend or relative as well as a solicitor who can then provide professional support. Having a solicitor responsible for dividing up the Estate is a good idea if you think there may be disputes to the Will or there is tension between family members.

A good solicitor will ensure no mistakes are made throughout the often complicated process of applying for probate and dividing up the Estate. This helps remove a source of stress to your loved ones at an already difficult time and allows them to focus on other concerns.

If you are considering appointing a solicitor as the Executor of your Will, it is a good idea to shop around and make sure you select an experienced solicitor or company with a strong track record of dealing with Probate and Wills.

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