What is a Monthly Funeral Plan?

Monthly funeral plans are a way to pay for your funeral plan in monthly instalments over a set period of time and are a way to secure the cost of your funeral and fit the cost into your budget. This is an alternative to paying your funeral in full. After paying a deposit, the remaining cost of the plan will be split into monthly instalments over number of years which will be decided by the plan holder.

According to the 2020 Sun Life Cost of Dying report, 1 in 8 (12%) families have encountered financial problems due to paying for a funeral.

38% of these people used money from savings to cover funeral expenses. 25% used their credit card, and another 25% borrowed money from someone else.

As a result, people planning their funeral would like to pay monthly, in advance, to prepare for the future. This is a cost-effective way to spread the cost of a funeral. We have a range of funeral plans with the option to pay in monthly instalments.

What are monthly funeral plans?

We don’t offer ‘monthly funeral plans’. We do, however, provide a range of funeral plans with the option to make regular monthly payments. The payments are fixed over a specified time period and ensure the Funeral Director’s costs will not increase. Once paid, the services in your plan will be covered.

Additionally, and more importantly, having a monthly funeral plan in place alleviates any stress that accompanies financial burden. Also, a plan means your family do not have to worry about what you would have wanted which removes any uncertainty.

The following table provides a breakdown of the costs of our monthly funeral plans:

CAPITAL LIFE FUNERAL PLANS Simple Ceremonial Traditional Royal Imperial
PLAN SPECIFICATION £1,895.00 £2,795.00 £3,795.00 £3,995.00 £4,295.00
12 Monthly payments (No handling charge) £116.25 £191.25 £274.58 £291.25 £316.25
36 Monthly payments £45.61 £75.03 £107.73 £114.27 £124.08
60 Monthly payments £30.11 £49.53 £71.12 £75.43 £81.91
120 Monthly payments £18.48 £30.41 £43.66 £46.31 £50.28
180 Monthly payments £14.61 £24.03 £34.51 £36.60 £39.74
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Note: All monthly instalments are calculated based on a £500 deposit and a flat 5.9% Supplemental Charge for each year of the Plan calculated on the Plan Price and charged each month as part of the instalment payment.

Find out more about payment options for our funeral plans

We have a number of different funeral plan options, with a plethora of options for payment. To get an answer to your specific query call one of our funeral planning experts now on 0800 411 8683 or contact us.

We can also assist with Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate, and LPAs.