Which funeral plan is best for me?

Which funeral plan is best for me?

At Capital Life it is important to us that you choose a funeral plan that suits your needs and is affordable to your budget. We can assist you in deciding which funeral plan is best for you and ensure that your funeral will be a true reflection of you and a time for your family to share their treasured memories. 

In order to help you choose which funeral plan is best for you, our team of helpful advisors will need to ask some questions regarding your preferences of how you would like your funeral to be, such as if you would like to be buried or cremated and if you would like a service or not. Although the questions may be difficult to answer, it is vital to know this in order to recommend the best suited plan for you. 

At Capital Life we have six plans that have been designed to suit those who wish for different types of funerals, ranging from the Simple plan, which is a no fuss cremation, to the Majestic plan for those who wish their funeral to be a grand display. With all of the plans we can record your personal wishes in order to make them personal to you, such as a choice of music, hymns or type of attire. 

You can  compare our plans to find out what is included in each plan or to get more advice please call us on  0800 411 8683 or contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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