A Taboo Subject? It shouldn’t be….

Your funeral plan. Have you thought about it? Have you talked to your family about it? Do you want to be buried? Cremated? Have a service in Church and a big gathering after to celebrate your life? Or just a simple cremation?

funeral plan

Did you know that just 1% of loved ones * knew all of the funeral wishes of the person they were most close to. One fifth didn’t even know any of their loved ones funeral preferences! * So why is this? Is it the British way that we don’t talk about dying, as it is too upsetting or awkward, and instead leave the decisions to others when they are feeling very lost and emotional?

* Sunlife cost of dying report 2017

So what should you have prepared for your loved ones? Here is our handy checklist. Are you covered?

  • A will
  • Your funeral wishes documented; flowers, service, hymns, wake etc
  • Paperwork in one place
    Funeral costs covered
  • Where you would like to be laid to rest or scattered

Planning your funeral may seem morbid, but it is a positive thing to do. Having everything sorted out in advance removes both the emotional and financial worry off your loved ones, and you can rest assured knowing everything is in order. You wouldn’t organize a wedding or christening in just a few days, so why leave your family the burden.

But where do you start? More and more people are now taking out pre-paid funeral plans, which allow you to plan your funeral according to your wishes. Funeral plan providers are experts in organising funerals and can help you each step of the way to make everything simple. Furthermore, by sorting out your funeral in advance you not only make sure all your decisions are known but also you pay for your chosen funeral at today’s prices, reducing the financial burden on your family too. With the cost of funerals rising by over 70% over the last decade * this is something to seriously consider.

Capital Life have a range of funeral plans for everyone to choose from. There is the Simple Plan for those individuals who don’t want any fuss to those who want a full service with limousines for their family to make the day special. All Capital Life Funeral Plans can be tailored to make the day personal to you, so your family and friends can remember and celebrate the life you led.

Our advisors at Capital Life are here to help you make the right funeral choice. They will put you at ease, so what you may have felt would be a difficult discussion will be one that gives you peace of mind. Knowing all your wishes are taken care of and your family are left with just loving memories rather than trying to sort out the cost of your funeral is priceless.

Capital Life Funeral Plans start from as little as £12.52 a month and we have different payment options to fit with your budget. Don’t delay in calling us, we can have your plan sorted and fixed at today’s prices and you can get on with enjoying the rest of your life.

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We also assist with Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate, and LPAs.