The Best Funeral Plans for Over 60s

Pre-planning a funeral, whether it’s a person’s own funeral or that of a loved one, offers families peace of mind at a difficult time. Planning a funeral in advance decreases the strain on loved ones and ensures a person will get the send-off they desire, choosing the best Funeral Plans for over 60s can ensure that you take out a plan that is best suited to you.

best funeral plans for over 60s

Along with a change in lifestyle, when a person retires, they may need to think about what kind of funeral plan they would like and the costs involved.

There are many benefits to pre-planning a funeral, whatever your age, and funeral plans for over 60s are highly important. 

Investing in a pre-paid funeral plan allows a person to organise their funeral in advance, fix the cost of services at today’s prices, and pay it off in way that suits them. Capital Life offers a range of affordable funeral plans and three payment options to suit any budget – a single lump sum, 12 monthly instalments, or lower monthly payments over a longer period of time.

Capital Life Funeral Plans also allow people to choose any extras they want, meaning their plan can be personal to them, and their friends and family can feel safe in the knowledge that their loved one will be getting the send-off they want.

Peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits to pre-planning a funeral, which is exactly what funeral plans for over 60s provide. 

From knowing the cost of the funeral has been taken care of, the money being paid is kept safe, to having all of the arrangements taken care of before the day comes, the best funeral plans for the over 60s will see to every detail and take the weight off the shoulders of family and friends.

Although it can be difficult to know which funeral plan will be best for you when you first start to plan a funeral, it is easy to contact Capital Life and see what the best funeral plans for over 60s are. 

We also offer an easy way to compare our plans so that all the information on the best funeral plans for over 60s is accessible and simple to understand.

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