What Happens at a Burial Service?

Funerals can be an emotional experience, but knowing what will happen at a burial service can help alleviate any concerns.

A burial service can be considered the traditional funeral choice and tend to have a religious focus. For some religions, including Islam and some branches of Judaism, burial is the only choice as cremations are prohibited due to their beliefs about death and the afterlife.

burial service

A burial service generally follows an order of service, which is increasingly becoming tailored to the individual. People are arranging elements of their burial through a funeral plan, which gives them peace of mind that their final wishes will be carried out, and everything is paid for in advance.

The Funeral Director is responsible for planning the service, including transporting the coffin – which is often adorned with flowers and photos – from the family’s or funeral home to the church (or other religious building).

Upon arrival, the coffin is carried into the church and family and close friends will follow. Normally, loved ones sit in the first few rows of the congregation, while other mourners sit just behind.

The service will likely be led by a religious leader, although anyone can lead a funeral service. It will feature hymns, readings and prayers, a sermon and often a eulogy, alongside the personal elements requested by the deceased or their family.

After the service is the committal; the coffin is taken to the cemetery or burial ground, which is often, but not always, within the same grounds. The clergy or celebrant offers a few words, and mourners have a final chance to say goodbye before the coffin is lowered into the ground.

Sometimes dirt or flowers are thrown to symbolise their loved one’s return to the Earth as a final resting place and new life. The grave is then closed, and a headstone or marker may be placed on the grave at a later date.

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