Buying a Burial Plot: What to Consider

Burial is a popular, traditional method for a funeral ceremony. When buying a burial plot, it is important to consider a variety of costs that accompany the purchase. Purchasing a burial plot is key in the planning of a burial ceremony, and learning about things to consider in the early planning stages can help ensure a smooth burial process. 

buying a burial plot

Costs When Buying a Burial Plot

Burials are typically more expensive than cremations, with the average cost in the UK being around £5033*. The prices of plots are increasing alongside all the additional considerations such as headstone size and material, flowers, coffin transportation, and lease time when buying a burial plot. 

When you buy a lease for a burial plot, the ownership rights remain with the landowner or council. However, the lease can be extended for additional cost past the average 50-99 year-long grave deed. This purchase can be transferred by will to loved ones, which is used in cases of buying a burial plot to bury multiple members of the family. 

There might also be maintenance and monument fees to consider with a burial plot.

Burial insurance is money set aside from a life insurance policy to go toward your funeral service. Burial insurance may cover some of the costs when buying a burial plot but often cannot atone for the rising costs of burials in the UK. 

Even though none of our plans include a burial plot, once you have chosen and made arrangements for your burial plot, Capital Life will be able to help with the rest.  

Burial Plans with Capital Life

Capital Life offers an array of funeral plans, including a Majestic Burial Plan that also includes a generous allowance for features like flowers, coffins and engraved headstones. Making these choices ahead of time takes the pressure of loved ones during a difficult time. Contact us or call us on 0800 411 8683 and we will be happy to help. 

We can also assist with Probate, Wills, Inheritance Planning and LPAs.

*From SunLife (2021) Cost of Dying Report