Where to Scatter Cremation Ashes

Cremations are now the most popular type of funeral in the UK, according to the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2021; 59% of funerals in 2020 were cremations, with a further 14% direct cremations. Choosing where to scatter cremation ashes is a very personal decision, whether you are deciding where you would like to be buried or where a loved one’s final resting place should be.

Unlike a burial, which generally takes place in a designated cemetery, cremation ashes don’t have to be interred. Some families still opt for this route because it gives them a place to go to remember and be with their loved one; others chose to keep the cremation ashes in a cremation urn at home.

But some families choose to scatter the cremation ashes of a loved one; and because you can have your ashes scattered almost anywhere, this can make the decision even more difficult. Cremation ashes should be scattered in a place of significance, somewhere special that family and friends can still go to remember their lost loved one.

Some people opt to have their cremation ashes scattered at sea, on a hillside or mountain, or over the turf at their favourite sports team’s home ground. Other people may wish to have their cremation ashes scattered at home to maintain a connection to their loved ones.

Choosing your final resting place is a very personal decision and you can leave details on where your cremation ashes should be scattered in a funeral plan. This enables you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, reducing the emotional and financial burden on your family. It also leaves you safe in the knowledge that when the time comes, they won’t have to make any decisions or pay anything towards your farewell.

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