Cremation vs Burial – Which is best?

When funeral planning, the first decision to make is cremation vs. burial; each service will have its positive and negative elements, but making this choice a priority can streamline decision-making further down the road.

Planning your own funeral can be an emotional and thought-provoking experience, but a necessary one to ensure you leave your loved ones with clear instructions concerning your final wishes and how the day should go.

Capital Life have an experienced team of Funeral Advisors, who can help guide you through your choices and make the experience of choosing your funeral requirements a positive and comforting one.

cremation vs burial

But which is best? Your decision concerning cremation vs. burial may be influenced by factors including cost, religious beliefs and environmental concerns.

People’s attitudes and beliefs around faith and death have changed. Fewer people identify with a particular faith, and the religious elements of burial services no longer align with people’s final wishes. Cremations and direct cremations accounted for 75% of funerals last year as people chose Celebration of Life or Humanist ceremonies over traditional burials.

The rising cost of funerals also means people are looking to make the most of their funeral funds. Using a funeral plan means that the prices of funeral directors are locked in at current prices, saving money as the costs rise over time.

Another factor in the cremation vs. burial debate is how each affects the environment. Cremations are energy-intensive and release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but traditional burials involving embalming can release a toxic cocktail of chemicals into the area. Woodland burials are, however, emerging as a greener alternative, and could help those wrestling with cremation vs. burial.

Cremation vs. burial –the choice will ultimately be personal, but it’s important to discuss your choices with loved ones and record your requirements in a funeral plan. This allows you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance and gives you peace of mind that your instructions will be carried out and you get the farewell you want at an affordable price.

Capital Life is here to guide you through our funeral plans and offer support at your time of need. Our funeral plans include Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate and LPAs. If you would like to discuss your wishes and start planning your own funeral, call our helpful advisors on 0800 411 8688 or contact us.