The Crowdfunding Funerals Trend

Funeral traditions are diverse. While historical funeral traditions shape how we celebrate a life and lay loved ones to rest today, new trends are developing all the time. With funerals becoming more and more expensive every year, how a person funds a funeral is also changing, along with the nature of the funeral itself. Crowdfunding funerals involves asking for donations from the public through online campaigns often shared between friends and family on social media sites. 

crowdfunding funerals

Crowdfunding funerals means that a large number of people can donate money to pay for someone’s funeral, reducing the cost for those organising the funeral. There are a huge range of crowdfunding websites that help spread the message further. Popular sites include, but there are also dedicated websites designed by funeral directors that are specifically built for crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding funerals can be a good way to cover the cost of a funeral if someone experiences a death of a loved one unexpectedly. The financial stresses that paying for a funeral can bring can make moving through the grieving process even more difficult. It was reported in 2018 that the number of people crowdfunding for a funeral had increased by a third in a year, and this number is likely to continue to increase.

Although crowdfunding is increasingly widespread, it can be hard work and increases the stress on a person’s family and loved ones at an already difficult time.  This can be avoided by investing in a pre-paid funeral plan which allows you to arrange – and pay for – the funeral in advance. Capital Life has a range of funeral plans to suit all budgets, with payments spread across a timeframe to suit you.

Capital Life funeral plans help take the stress out of organising a funeral. The money set aside for the funeral is kept safe, so everyone is guaranteed the funeral they planned at the price they can afford. 

In order to remove the financial and emotional stress from loved ones when the time comes, contact us for information on pre-paid funeral plans with Capital Life.

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