Direct Cremation: A Popular Choice

Since being famously popularised by the late David Bowie, more people seem to be favouring direct cremations. For some people, it removes the stress of arranging a funeral. For others, it offers the opportunity to celebrate and honour someone’s life in a way and time that suits them.

Here, we take a detailed look at what a direct cremation plan has to offer.

What is a Prepaid Direct Cremation Plan?

A direct cremation is a type of cremation plan without a funeral service or ceremony, where the ashes are returned straight to the next of kin after cremation.

direct cremation

What is involved?

Even though plans will vary across providers, at Capital Life our Simple Plan (which is a direct cremation plan) includes everything you need for a no fuss, simple funeral. Our plan ensures you are cared for until your ashes are brought back to your family or loved ones.

With a Capital Life plan, the arrangements are made by a team of funeral experts, so that when the time comes all your loved ones will need to do is make one phone call to us. With this plan, there is no requirement for you or your family to meet with the Funeral Director;  everything can be sorted out over the phone.

Why are People Choosing a Prepaid Direct Cremation Plan?

Direct cremations can not only be a cheaper option but can also offer more flexibility than a traditional funeral with a service. With a traditional funeral, the service is usually conducted quite soon after someone passes away. This time frame can cause a lot of stress for families at a difficult time for them. 

Direct cremations accommodate new and emerging funeral trends, such as celebration of life ceremonies. With the cremation taking place and the ashes being returned to the next of kin, the family can then choose to arrange a memorial in their own time or scatter the ashes in a place which is personal to them.

Furthermore, with funeral costs on the rise, people are choosing direct cremation as a more affordable option.

Is Direct Cremation the right choice for you?

There is a lot to consider when arranging your funeral plan. If you’re looking for flexibility and would like your loved ones to celebrate in an alternative way, then a prepaid direct cremation plan may be the best funeral plan for you.

To find out whether the Simple Plan can meet your wishes, then please contact us or call us on 0800 411 8683. Our friendly advisors will be happy to answer any questions and provide all the information you need. 

We can also assist with Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate, and LPAs.