Dying Matters – Gain peace of mind through a Funeral Plan

We’re always looking ahead and planning for the future, but how often does this include planning for death? Broaching the subject of death and bereavement is tricky and people may feel some reticence towards the subject. However, we should be open about death, and conversations about dying and bereavement are very beneficial so we can share our final wishes and Funeral Plan with loved ones. This is the aim of this year’s Dying Matters Week (10th – 16th May 2021), with a particular focus on being in a good place to die, financially, physically and emotionally.      

Dying Matters Week – Being in a ‘good place’ to die

There are several things we can do before we die that will not only give us peace of mind but hopefully smooth the way for our grieving loved ones. 

Firstly, make a funeral plan; this allows you to plan everything – the type of service, the hymns, the music – even what you wear. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing everything is paid for in advance through your funeral plan. 

Next, make a will clearly stating what you’d like to happen to your assets. This can also help guide family through your final wishes, in addition to your funeral plan. Consider appointing a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf should you need one and plan for future care in case you become dependent or seriously ill. 

And most critically, talk to your loved ones about your funeral plan and final wishes and let them know where all your important documents are; it can ease the burden when the time comes.

Planning for the future gives us something to aim for, but planning for death is altogether different. Gain peace of mind by purchasing a funeral plan that lets you tailor your funeral while simultaneously easing the financial and emotional burden for your family. This can include Probate, Inheritance Planning and LPAs. To see how a Capital Life funeral plan could help give you peace of mind, contact us or call us on 0800 411 8683.