Four Most Famous Funerals of Modern Times

No two funerals are the same. This personal touch for each person’s send off is what has made countless services and processions some of the most famous funerals in modern history. While some have been etched into the public memory for their creative departures from tradition, others are now known as some of the most famous funerals because of the sheer number of attendees or extravagant costs.

famous funerals

Abraham Lincoln

As one of the most famous American presidents of modern history, it is fitting that Abraham Lincoln also had one of the most famous funerals. Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, and his body was carried through seven states and almost 200 cities on a train bound for Illinois. 1.5 million people visited his body, and a further 7 million watched his train pass.

Queen Victoria

Another of modern history’s most famous funerals is that of Queen Victoria in 1901. Signalling the end of the Victorian era, the Queen had preplanned her funeral and had chosen to wear white, despite the fact that she had only worn black for 40 years.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. He passed the Capitol building in a farm wagon, making it one of the most famous funerals with one of the most humble processions.

Princess Diana

One of the most famous deaths in the Royal family gave way to one of the UK’s most famous funerals. In 1997, over one million people watched the procession as Princess Diana of Wales’ body was carried four miles to Westminster Abbey.

Many of the most famous funerals in modern times have been preplanned, allowing for the deceased’s wishes to be carried out in full. Additionally, there are so many new funeral trends to explore. It is easier than ever to plan a funeral that has the perfect, personalised touch.

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