Planning Funeral Arrangements in Advance

Despite being quite open about many topics in today’s society, we often remain apprehensive about planning funeral arrangements in advance. Though difficult, opening up such a discussion is necessary and helpful in the long-term. 

planning funeral arrangements in advance

Besides the more emotional reasons for being open about funeral wishes, there are a number of practical aspects to consider relating to the planning and delivery of the funeral. Knowing that your final wishes will be fulfilled and that the service reflects your personality will bring comfort to your family. With this in mind: researching funeral plans, learning more about your options, writing a will, and documenting your wishes, can ease the grieving process for your family. 

Starting a Discussion

We know it is important to talk about funeral arrangements, but actually doing so isn’t an easy task. How you raise the subject is entirely personal and will vary depending on you and your family. 

Many families can have an open chat about the future passing of a loved one and their funeral arrangements. If this is the case, you can bring up the topic whenever you feel it is most appropriate. 

In other cases, it might be difficult to naturally plan funeral arrangements and wishes. You may find it helpful to discuss funeral wishes indirectly or by referring to someone else – such as the passing of a celebrity or distant relative – to initially broach the subject. By approaching the topic this way, it is easier to add in questions like ‘have you ever thought about your own funeral arrangements?’ This may give you an opportunity to feel more relaxed and positive about confronting the topic.

What you might like to discuss

To begin with, it is useful to talk about the core elements of a funeral. This can start with the following questions, such as: would you like a burial, standard cremation, or direct cremation (no ceremony), do you want a religious or humanist funeral? or would you like a wake? Once the core elements are established, it is time to discuss the details that will make your send off more personal. This can include thoughts about where you would like your ashes scattered or discussing any hymns you would like at your service. 

By starting the discussion early, you give yourself more time to talk through funeral wishes and prepare. At Capital Life, we are here to guide you through our funeral plans and offer support at your time of need. If you would like to discuss your wishes and start planning arrangements, then please contact us or call our advisors on 0800 411 8683.

We can also assist with Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate, and LPAs.