How to Plan a Funeral Budget

funeral budget

We all want to give our loved ones the funeral they want and deserve, or ensure that our own farewell is something to remember. But it is easy for costs to spiral out of control while making this happen.

Like most things in life, a funeral requires a budget. But what does everything cost, how much should you allocate, and will your funeral budget cover everything?

The average funeral costs £4,184; this price includes the fees for the funeral itself, fees for the cremation or burial, doctor, funeral director, and minister or celebrant, but doesn’t include professional fees to settle the deceased’s estate, or extras like a memorial, flowers, venue hire,

catering and additional transport.  Once these extras are factored in, the real cost of dying, i.e. the total cost of a person’s send-off – including professional fees, the funeral service, and optional extras like the wake or gathering – exceeds £9,000. Most of us don’t have this amount of money just lying around, so it’s important to consider what you really want your funeral to look like and whether you need all the added extras, and then create a funeral budget.

A funeral plan should be included in your funeral budget, and could be a useful tool to ensure you stick to it. A pre-paid funeral plan is a simple and practical way to plan and pay for your funeral in advance so your loved ones don’t have to. It allows you to lock-in the Funeral Director’s services at today’s prices, protecting you against future increases, and could represent a significant saving in the long-term.

Capital Life has a wide range of funeral plans to suit all funeral budgets, whether you want a modest cremation or a more elaborate funeral.

You can choose to pay the cost in a lump sum, in 12 monthly payments, or as monthly instalments over a number of years. Additionally, many of our funeral plans offer a generous allowance towards disbursements, and the opportunity to allocate further funds to enable you to personalise your funeral – and stick to your funeral budget!

To see how funeral plans can help with your funeral budget, contact us now or call 0800 411 8683 and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to talk you through the different options.

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