Funeral Cars: The Best Options

It is an important decision choosing how you want to make your final journey; whether it’s the traditional funeral cars – a hearse followed by limousines – a horse and carriage, or a procession of motorbikes following the coffin in an adapted sidecar, your last ride can reflect you, your personality and what you love.

funeral cars

When it comes to picking a funeral car, the choice is personal and can be detailed in your funeral plan. When the time comes, the funeral director is usually best placed to organise and book the cars, although some families prefer to do it themselves depending on the deceased’s funeral wishes, particularly when a specific car is required.

Traditional vs. Modern Funeral Cars

A traditional funeral procession consists of a hearse followed by one or more limousines chauffeuring family and friends. 

But the coffin doesn’t have to be transported in a hearse. There are many other options for cars, including a motorbike hearse where the coffin is transported in a sidecar beside the motorbike, Campervan, or as we saw recently with Prince Philip, a specially designed Land Rover. And if you want a more traditional car with a twist, hearses are now available in a variety of bright colours or designs.

The funeral party is also not limited to traditional cars; again, they can follow the coffin in a variety of ways. And given the rising cost of funerals, many family members and friends are now encouraged to make their own way to the church or crematorium.

The best option for funeral cars is down to personal choice; planning your funeral arrangements in advance will allow you to tailor your funeral and express your wishes to your family.

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