Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers for You

funeral flowers

Flowers are an important part of many funerals; they are a heartfelt way to express emotions and offer comfort to a family that has lost a loved one. It can be difficult to know what funeral flowers to choose; each genus of flower will have a different meaning, with different colours symbolising a different emotion.

Lilies – in particular white variations – are considered traditional funeral flowers. They are associated with peace and innocence, while pink varieties represent love, femininity and admiration. 

Carnations are also popular with white signifying pure love and pink symbolising remembrance. Red carnations are also common, representing affection and admiration. 

Roses are traditionally a symbol of love, and this is still true of their use in funeral flowers. Each variety of rose has its own special meaning, but broadly speaking, white roses symbolise purity, innocence and humility, red signifies love and pink shows thankfulness to the deceased.

These are just a few examples of traditional funeral flowers, but not all arrangements will feature these blooms. Funerals today are becoming more tailored to the individual, with florists increasingly receiving requests for funeral flowers consisting of less traditional blooms and designs.

Funeral flowers represent an opportunity to inject colour and personality into your day; perhaps you’d like a red and white football consisting of roses, or a simple funeral spray of sunflowers, or maybe Nan or Grandad spelled out in chrysanthemums.

Whatever your preference, make sure you discuss your choice of funeral flowers with loved ones and leave details in your funeral plan. Your funeral plan enables you to arrange almost all aspects of your funeral in advance, taking the decision-making process out of your family’s hands and allowing them to simply grieve.

A prepaid funeral plan also allows you to pay for your funeral in advance, so your family won’t have to pay anything towards your final farewell.

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