Plan Your Funeral: Talking about your wishes

We don’t often talk about death with our friends and family, possibly because it’s an upsetting and awkward subject. We discuss the passing of famous figures and characters from our favourite television shows relatively easily. Yet when it comes to discussing how to plan your funeral the conversation becomes much more difficult.

People often avoid these conversations to spare their friends and family any pain or discomfort. It isn’t nice to focus on the sad but inevitable fact that someone you hold dear will die one day, but talking about your funeral plans now could save them from further heartbreak and financial commitments down the line.

plan your funeral

Capital Life Funeral Plans are here to take away some of the strain as you plan your funeral through our sensitive and informed customer service experience.

Welcome to Capital Life Funeral Plans

Our priority at Capital Life Funeral Plans is to help you prepare your end of life arrangements in a way that suits you. We strongly believe that a funeral plan is one of the most important things you can leave to your loved ones. It provides them with a detailed outline of how you would like to be memorialised and secures the right funding to cover most, if not all, of the necessary costs.

Nobody wants to leave their family in a tricky financial situation – particularly while they are grieving. However, it can be hard to find the right time to discuss what your funeral wishes are in advance. In fact, a survey into the public opinion of death and dying found that as much as 70% of Britons have not talked to anyone about their funeral wishes. Despite avoiding an uncomfortable conversation, this aversion to the funeral plan conversation causes more problems than it solves.

Far too often, grieving family members are left to prepare funeral arrangements with no clear indication about what the deceased actually wanted. In many circumstances, family members find it a struggle to provide the memorial service that they feel their loved one deserves. Others rely on hard-earned savings or lines of credit to pay for extravagant services themselves, overcompensating for the lack of an existing funeral plan. Upsetting as they are, these situations are easily avoided.

Record your Wishes with Capital Life Funeral Plans

With the cost of funerals rising year-on-year, Capital Life Funeral Plans has established a selection of funeral arrangements to suit all budgets. Our funeral plans range from a simple cremation to an elaborate burial, offering you total control of your service.

Our plans are unique to you. We encourage you to record your wishes, and we will keep your money safe in a secure trust to guarantee that your loved ones have what they need to make your end of life wishes a reality. Unfortunately, as much as 65% of people in the UK have not written a will. This makes it very difficult for relatives and friends to carry out last wishes with any degree of certainty. Our funeral plans consider the personal details, from hymns and readings to charitable donations.

Funeral planning with us allows you to lock in your funeral plan at today’s prices, to beat the rising cost of dying and provide peace of mind knowing that your family will not have the shoulder the financial burden when they say goodbye.

Want to find out more and explore the benefits of choosing a Capital Life funeral plan?  Please call us on 0800 411 8638 or contact us here to fill in a short form and we will do the rest.

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