What does it mean to have a good death?

good death

How do you define ‘a good death’? It’s tricky because what’s considered a good death will be different for each of us and depend on our circumstances at the time. 

The concept of a good death is often debated in hospices and palliative care settings, where a person is nearing the end of their life. The Institute of Medicine states that a good death is, “free from avoidable distress and suffering for the patient, family, and caregivers in accordance with the patient’s and their family’s wishes.” In this instance, a good death may be about achieving closure for the patient and their family, and dying without pain surrounded by your loved ones.

A good death, or being in a good place to die may include ensuring that all your affairs are in order and that you are prepared emotionally, physically and financially. Investing in a prepaid funeral plan and writing a Will can help you achieve this.

A funeral plan allows you to organise your funeral in advance, everything from the type of service you’d like, to the hymns or music, to the wording on your headstone. What’s more, everything is paid for in advance, so you can rest easy knowing your family is not left with the financial burden.

Making a Will enables you to state what you’d like to happen to your assets. Together with your funeral plan, this can help your family navigate your final wishes. You can also appoint a Power of Attorney in your Will, someone to act on your behalf should you need it, and plan for future care should you become dependent or seriously ill.

A good death will mean different things to different people, so it’s important to discuss your final wishes with your loved ones; the care at the end of your life and how you would like to pass away may be different from your family’s ideas, for example.

If you’d like to see how a Capital Life funeral plan can help you make arrangements for a good death, such as Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate and LPAs, Contact us or call 0800 411 8683 and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.

Meta description: A good death will mean different things to different people, but a Capital life funeral plan could help you organise your thoughts and wishes about how you want to die.