Tips for How to Plan a Funeral

how to plan a funeral

Whether it is your own or that of a loved one, planning a funeral is a delicate process, fraught with difficult decisions and complex emotions. If you’re thinking about your own funeral, it’s a good idea to invest in a funeral plan. This enables you to make all the important decisions about the day, and pay for your funeral in advance. And before planning a funeral for a loved one, check to see if they have one as it will detail their final wishes and help with how to plan a funeral.

Regardless of who the service is for, here are some tips on how to plan a funeral that is personal and reflects the individual.

Firstly, consider what you, or they, really want as this will help with how to plan a funeral. Consider whether you want a cremation or burial, a green funeral or a direct cremation and Celebration of Life? This may also help you choose a venue for the funeral service and/or wake.

Then, appoint a funeral director if one hasn’t already been named in the funeral plan. They will guide you through how to plan a funeral, or follow the instructions left in the funeral plan.

Next, plan the service itself. Religious beliefs often dictate how to plan a funeral and the order or service, but you may want a humanist service, or no service at all. Other things to consider include hymns or music, readings and whether or not to include a eulogy. Flowers are also an important part of a funeral, so consider what blooms and arrangements you may want. 

Cost is likely to be a factor in deciding how to plan a funeral, but investing in a pre-paid funeral plan can remove this burden for your family as everything is arranged and paid for in advance, and prices are locked in at today’s value. 

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