Why are Memorial Gardens Increasing in Popularity?

Memorial gardens are a unique tribute to a lost loved one, and place of peace, comfort and hope to those they left behind. They can take many forms, from a single tree to an oasis of flowers with a commemorative stone or plaque.

Memorial gardens are increasing in popularity as a healing and therapeutic way of quietly working through the feelings of grief and loss of a loved one. Creating and maintaining a memorial garden can be a cathartic and constructive process, and be especially beneficial if someone is unable to regularly visit their loved one’s grave.

memorial gardens

The resulting memorial gardens provide a peaceful sanctuary for family or friends to remember a loved one, and act as a place for quiet reflection at a difficult time, and into the future.

Memorial gardens can be tailored to represent the person they are dedicated to. Filling it with their favourite flowers or plants, or something demonstrative of them, can help conjure happy thoughts. If the loved one had an interest in fishing, for example, you might want to include a small pond or water feature, if they enjoyed cooking, a small herb garden might suffice.

Smaller memorial gardens are likely to be relatively inexpensive and easy to design, but the more complex may be costly, particularly if you are incorporating trees, water features or commemorative stones or statues.

Leaving instructions and setting aside some money in a funeral plan can encourage family and friends to create a memorial garden in honour of a loved one, as per their wishes. Although typically used to arrange and pay for a funeral in advance, you can also express your desire for a memorial garden and create a beautiful and long-lasting place for your family and friends to enjoy.

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