What is a Natural Burial?

A natural burial is an emerging trend as traditional burials no longer reflect the way people live or how they choose to be remembered. Cremations now outnumber burials, but more eco-friendly alternatives are emerging, based on the idea of returning the body to the earth in an organic way.

Natural burials mirror the way our ancestors would have been buried, with a focus on returning a loved one to the natural world. They reject the use of embalming – which can release toxic chemicals into the environment – and traditional coffins, both of which can impede natural decomposition.

natural burial

They encourage the use of biodegradable caskets made of willow, wicker or banana leaf, and the body is interred in a specially designated natural burial site, often wildflower meadows or protected woodlands. These spaces are protected from development and act as a wild space where nature is allowed to thrive.

Some natural burial sites allow graves to be marked, but many do not; in effect, the whole site is a memorial, providing a place of peace and comfort for those navigating the sense of grief and loss of a loved one.

Natural burials have been increasing in popularity as people search for a simple, and environmentally friendly funeral. They are also considerably cheaper than a traditional burial, and at a time when the average cost of a funeral is increasing, this can be an important factor in determining the type of funeral and burial you want.

It is important to discuss your wishes for a natural burial with family and friends and record them in a funeral plan. Not only does a prepaid funeral plan allow you to arrange your funeral in advance, it allows you to pay for it too, easing the financial and emotional strain on your family and giving you peace of mind that you get the farewell you want.

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