Operation Forth Bridge – What do we know about the funeral plans for Prince Philip?

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, passed away peacefully on Friday 9th April 2021 at Windsor Castle. The Duke, who was 99, had left hospital in March after spending a month there and undergoing a procedure for a pre-existing heart condition. There is a protocol that has to be followed when someone in the Royal family dies, with each royal given their own code name and their funeral planned out way before the eventuality of their death.  The Duke’s funeral plans are referred to as Operation Forth Bridge and the plans have been discussed and drawn up with the involvement of both the Duke and the Queen.

operation forth bridge

Even though the Duke passed away less than a week ago, his funeral is going to take place on Saturday 17th April at Windsor Castle, his funeral plans have been in discussion for many years before this. It has been said that Philip himself had hoped for a simple funeral and a ‘no fuss’ affair, his funeral will be a ceremonial royal funeral and not a state funeral. 

Due to current coronavirus restrictions, which allows only 30 people to attend a funeral to adhere to social distancing, means that the planning list of 800 guests will be hugely affected. Unfortunately, no public processions will take place and the public are being urged to avoid royal residences as to avoid large crowds gathering.

With only 30 guests being able to attend, it is thought to be close friends and family only and Prince Harry has travelled from Los Angeles to attend. The funeral will be broadcast by all main media outlets, as they will be given access to Windsor in order to provide media coverage for the public. 

Ahead of Saturday, Buckingham Palace have released a timeline of the Duke’s funeral.  The Lord Chamberlain, Baron Parker, is in charge of Operation Forth Bridge and to ensure that everything goes to plan and adheres to the strict schedule. 

After the funeral, the Duke’s body will be temporarily held in the Royal Vault of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. However, when the Queen dies Philip will be transferred to King George VI memorial chapel, to be buried with her. 

The Royal family will enter two weeks of Royal mourning until 22nd April, when they will again continue their engagements as normal. 

Prince Philip’s funeral will be aired live on Saturday 17th April at 2pm, 

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