Planning a Memorial Service

Losing someone you love is often an emotional experience and deciding the way in which we commemorate a person who has been an important part of our lives can seem an overwhelming task. Fortunately, there are a number of unique and meaningful ways in which we can remember and celebrate a person’s life. 

planning a memorial service

One way to celebrate a loved one’s life is to plan a memorial service. A memorial service is held after, or even instead of a funeral service. It can take place on a particular date, such as your loved one’s birthday, the anniversary of their death, or at any other time of your choosing.

It is common for families to use these occasions to celebrate their loved one’s life. They offer an opportunity to come together, as a family or group of friends, to share stories and remember moments passed without time restriction. Rather than being a sombre event with rules or strict traditions, a memorial service is often more open and joyful. It is for this reason that a memorial service is often called a ‘celebration of life’.

Creative and Unique Ways to Personalise a Memorial

The options when planning a memorial service are entirely individual and unlimited. An idea might be to choose a theme for the memorial service in honour of something your loved one enjoyed, something that characterises their identity. Choosing a theme helps you feel a connection with your loved one and makes the event an occasion to remember.

Your loved one may have had a favourite hobby, practiced a favourite sport, was passionate about their profession or loved a certain era in history.

The theme can be reflected through decorations, music, or location. You could even ask guests to dress in a way that reflects your loved one’s personality.

Create a Photo Display 

A way of encouraging a connection to your loved one can be to display a series of photographs that capture special moments in their life, from youth to their later years. Photographs tell a story, allowing you to reminisce on past memories and share stories of times gone by.

You may encourage guests to bring along their favourite photo to create a memory board of their life and encourage them to write a caption alongside. If the location you are holding the memorial service has technical capabilities you may wish to display a video or slideshow.

Contact Capital Life to Discuss Your Wishes 

Would you prefer a memorial service, instead of a funeral service for your own funeral? At Capital Life, the Simple Plan and the Ceremonial Plan do not include a service and give you the opportunity to arrange an independent, alternative memorial service for your family to attend. Or you may wish for a service followed by a memorial, and our advisors are here to help you choose a plan that best suits your needs. It is also easy to share your wishes with your family and loved ones with our funeral wishes document.

We hope you have found our guide on planning a memorial service helpful. For more information on your options see our range of funeral plans, inclduing Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate, and LPAs, contact us or call us on 0800 411 8683.