Prepaid Funeral Plans: Why they’re important

Prepaid funeral plans are the best way to unburden your loved ones when you pass away. Due to the necessary arrangements of the funeral, Funeral Director costs, and compulsory certifications, dying is possibly one of the most expensive things you will ever do.

prepaid funeral plans

The Cost of a Funeral is Rising

The average cost of a funeral in 2004 was £1,920, today the average cost of a funeral is £4,417. This increase means it is beneficial to plan long-term and secure a fixed price now. Without planning, these unexpected costs could cause further stress, pressure, and discomfort for your family.

Buying into prepaid funeral plans under the age of 50 is the best way to allay these increasing costs and guarantee the Funeral Director’s fees and services at today’s prices. It is never too soon to start planning your funeral. It ensures you and your family can have peace of mind no matter what the future may bring.

Planning for the Future

The average life expectancy for a healthy individual in the UK is roughly 81 years. Pensioners need to make their retirement savings last an average of 15 years. Furthermore, they are required to prepare adequate funding for their funeral arrangements.

Buying prepaid funeral plans under 50 gives you the chance to take control of your arrangements in advance. You can also use Capital Life Funeral Plans free Inheritance Planning Review to set your affairs in order and establish your legacy ahead of time. This will give you a useful outlook that could even help you prepare yourself for an early retirement.

At Capital Life Funeral Plans, we provide a range of plans to suit different financial budgets and a diverse range of needs or wishes. Learn more about our funeral plans here, including Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate, and LPAs.

*All figures were taken from the Sun Life Cost of Dying report, 2020.