The Decline of Religious Funerals

Society is changing, and so is the nature of funerals. More of us than ever before identify as non-religious, so it’s no surprise that the popularity of the traditional religious funeral is on the decline. 

Non-religious funerals have seen an increase in recent years, with people opting for a more personalised and unique farewell instead. Just one in ten people now elect a traditional funeral.

religious funerals

The faith-based teachings of a religious funeral have fallen out of favour, replaced with a more positive Celebration of Life, tailored and personalised to the individual. Instead of mourners dressed in black and the bible readings and hymns normally associated with religious funerals, there are meaningful poems, favourite songs and a congregation of colourful clothes.

Alternatives to Religious Funerals

Celebrations of Life services tend to follow a direct cremation, famously popularised by the late David Bowie. Direct cremations are becoming increasingly popular.

Instead of a religious funeral in a church or crematorium, a direct cremation provides only the essential elements of a funeral and can help keep costs down at a time when even the most basic funeral costs in excess of £4,100.

Following cremation, the ashes are returned to the next of kin. Unlike a religious funeral, a Celebration of Life service can take place anywhere; the family can choose to scatter the ashes almost anywhere – even the zoo or golf club – according to the wishes of the deceased.

For those needing a little more structure, a humanist funeral might be a more suitable option for those who have no religious beliefs. Again, they focus on the life that has been lived while acknowledging the loss and grief but do away with the faith-based elements of a religious funeral.

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