Remembering a Loved One: 5 Ideas

One of the most difficult parts of losing someone you love is the gap left behind. There are many ways of remembering a loved one. Creating a memorial is a great way to remember a loved one as it keeps your memories strong and vivid. Memorials also tell the world that while they may be gone, they live on in our memory.

remembering a loved one

Plant a tree

This idea is brilliant for people conscious about the environment. It is also a nice way to create a lasting memorial that grows over time, so different generations are able to visit for years to come. A plaque next to the tree is a way of letting people know that the tree has been planted in someone’s memory.

A scrapbook/memory box

If you’re sorting out the belongings of the person who has passed away, then why not save smaller keepsakes that reflect certain memories, like tickets and house keys. This way you can create a memory box or a scrapbook. If you make a scrapbook you can add captions at the side of each photo.

This is especially good for the younger members of the family as they can get involved in the creative process. As they grow older, it can be opened up and looked at times when the person is being particularly missed. 

A park bench and plaque

Park benches and plaques have been a popular way of remembering a loved one, often in a spot that was particularly special to your loved one. A touching way to honour your loved ones life may be to get together with family and talk about your favourite memories.

A special location

Creating a memorial can be as simple as picking a spot where the person liked to visit, or a location that reminds you of them. From a local park to the beach, memorials don’t always need to be purchased or made, because memories live within us. You could make the place more closely connected to the person by spreading some of their ashes. Learn more about the best places to scatter ashes here. 


If you’re a particularly creative person then why not create a poem or song in honour of your loved one. It can be shared with others at a service or be a way of forging a personal connection with your loved one. This also a good way of creating a memorial that can go anywhere in the world with you. 

Coping with grief and loss can be difficult, but memorialisation ideas can help you and your family through the grieving process. As ever, Capital Life are here to listen, understand, and advise on all aspects of funeral plans. We can also assist with Wills, Inheritance Planning, Probate, and LPAs. Please feel free to contact us or speak to our advisers on 0800 411 8683.