The Benefits of Personalised Funeral Plans

personalised funeral plans

A widespread shift in attitudes towards death and dying has changed how we choose to mark the passing of a loved one; we’ve moved away from traditional religious funerals towards a more unique and tailored occasion that reflects the person lost with a personalised funeral plans.

At its core, a funeral is still an opportunity for family and friends to come together to grieve the loss of a loved one, however they are often no longer melancholy occasions. Instead, people are choosing a funeral that reflects them, and remembers and celebrates their life using personalised funeral plans.

Personalised funeral plans include personal Wills, allowing you to leave specific instructions about how your funeral should be. Perhaps you want a simple cremation with no fuss, a humanist service mirroring a traditional funeral but without the religious element, or a colourful Celebration of Life ceremony accompanied by a scattering of ashes at a special place.

Personalised funeral plans allow you to tailor your funeral by incorporating your special requests and earmarking funds for this purpose. Perhaps you want the service at a particular funeral venue, or your favourite flower to adorn your coffin. Maybe you have a specific song you want playing during the service, or perhaps you would like everyone to incorporate a particular colour into their attire.

Leaving instructions in personalised funeral plans removes the emotional burden and stress of assuming what you may have wanted from your family’s shoulders. A personalised funeral plan gives you peace of mind that your final wishes will be carried out. Importantly, personalised funeral plans also allow you to pay the entire cost of your funeral in advance, reducing the financial expense of your loved ones.

It is never too early to start thinking about how you’d like your funeral to look, and discussing your choices with your family and friends. Personalised funeral plans allow you to ensure all the important instructions are recorded, so when the time comes, your loved ones know exactly what you want.

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