Things to do Before 50

What’s on your bucket list of things to do before 50? Maybe you’d like to try sky diving, learn to ballroom dance or simply do some charity work before you hit this significant landmark in life. 

But nestled amongst these enjoyable and entertaining things to do before 50 should be some necessary tasks, like writing a Will, investing in a funeral plan and ensuring all your affairs are in order such as Inheritance Planning, Probate and LPAs.

Although they might not be as fun as the activities on your bucket list, these are really important things to do before 50 – and should be kept updated on a regular basis. Ticking these vital things off your list can help prepare you, and your loved ones, emotionally, physically and financially for your death. 

So, among the first things to do before 50 is to invest in a funeral plan. This allows you to make all the important decisions about your final farewell, removing the guesswork for your family. It also enables you to pay for it in advance, fixing services at today’s prices and easing the financial burden on your family at a difficult and emotional time.

Next on the list of things to do before 50, you should add writing a Will. This allows you to specify what should happen to your assets when you die, helping your family navigate your final wishes. You may also want to consider appointing a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf should you need it, and specify a plan for future care if it is required.

Another thing to do before 50 can include getting all your paperwork and online particulars, such as financial and social media accounts in order. You might want to keep a list of all your bank details and passwords together with your funeral plan.

Tick investing in a funeral plan off your list of things to do before 50 by getting in touch with Capital Life; contact us now or call 0800 411 8683 and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.