What does the Future of Funerals look like?

Funerals have evolved over the years and will continue to be shaped by people’s changing concerns and customs, as well as technology; the future of funerals will become increasingly personalised to the individual.

future of funerals

The Affordable Funeral

The average cost of a funeral in the UK is £4,184*, but cheaper alternatives are emerging, which are likely to change the future of funerals. Planning your funeral is important; a funeral plan allows you to pick various aspects of your funeral and enables you to lock in the Funeral Director’s services at today’s prices, which could represent a significant saving in the long term. 

The future of funerals could be no funeral at all; with the ever-increasing cost of funerals, more people are opting for a direct cremation instead. Not only does it avoid the stress of arranging a funeral, but it can also be a way to celebrate someone’s life in a different way without the fuss.

The Green Funeral

The future of funerals is going to be green. Climate change has forced people to not only rethink the way they live but what happens when they die. Cremation is particularly harmful to the environment, but you can make your funeral greener with a biodegradable casket or bio-urn, which grow into trees after being buried. 

You could also have a woodland burial or undergo human composting, which breaks the body down into usable, fertile soil.

The Future of Funerals and Technology

Funerals in the future will evolve because technology is advancing. Skype and Zoom enabled people to stay connected throughout the coronavirus pandemic but has also allowed people to live stream or record a loved one’s service when attendance has been limited. This trend is likely to continue with the future of funerals moving online. 

But it won’t stop there; innovative technological media will change the future of funerals. We could see 3D holograms of the deceased giving a speech during their own service or technology incorporated into headstones, making them interactive.

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