Preparing for What Happens at a Funeral

Preparation for a funeral is often a process many are reticent about. There are many aspects of a funeral ceremony to consider and knowing about what happens at a funeral can help alleviate some of the concern and stress associated with the planning process. This blog will provide a summary of the key areas that funeral plans can help with, highlighting how Capital Life’s funeral plans address different ceremonies and the unique considerations of what happens for each. 

what happens at a funeral

What Happens at a Burial Ceremony 

Burial funeral ceremonies are a longstanding tradition in the history of funerals. It is sometimes a religious necessity or personal preference and gives family members an opportunity to visit the place of burial. For a burial ceremony, care and preparation of the deceased, procession of the coffin from the chapel of rest to graveside, transportation of loved ones with the coffin, and the burial service are what happens at a funeral. Capital Life’s Majestic Burial Plan is a premium funeral plan that covers full service from a Funeral Director, limousines for transportation, and ceremony decorations like flowers and coffin wreaths. 

What Happens at a Cremation Ceremony 

Cremations are becoming more popular as it is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly ceremony option. Regarding cremations, what happens at a funeral includes care and preparation of the deceased and transportation of loved ones from the chapel of rest to the crematorium. The Majestic Plan for Cremation includes all these key areas as well as the choice of urns and decor such as flowers and framed pictures of the deceased. 

Other Considerations for What Happens at a Funeral

As new funeral trends emerge like humanist ceremonies, green ceremonies, and the increased use of technology, a funeral plan can help simplify the unique preferences and circumstances when it comes to memorialising a loved one. Capital Life and our funeral plans are here to offer advice and support, helping those be best prepared for what happens at a funeral. Contact us or call us on 0800 411 8683 and we will be ready to help. 

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