Choosing What to Write on Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers symbolise death but also growth and new life, knowing what to write on funeral flowers can be challenging. This long-standing tradition helps mourners convey the emotions and words they struggle to express to someone who has lost a loved one.

Flowers have traditionally been a means of expressing emotion, and different flowers have different meanings – roses for love and white lilies for purity, for example.

what to write on funeral flowers

But how do you choose what to write on funeral flowers? You want your message of condolence to be sympathetic, show that the person who has passed is in your thoughts and provide comfort and support to those grieving.

If you are unsure, short and heartfelt messages are usually best. Simple phrases like You will be sorely missed, In loving memory, or Always in our heart and thoughts are amongst the most common messages.

Avoid anything that might upset those grieving – select your words carefully when choosing what to write on funeral flowers. It’s best to side-step phrases like They’re in a better place and Everything happens for a reason.

There is a multitude of options when it comes to choosing funeral flowers and what to write on funeral flowers – it can be quite overwhelming. Many flower retailers offer a wide range of suitable flowers, accompanied by a list of appropriate phases for the sympathy card.

A funeral plan can provide key information about the decisions a loved one has made regarding flowers and what to write on funeral flowers. Not only does a funeral plan allow for a funeral to be organised and paid for in advance, but it also allows the day to be personalised to the individual – including the blooms they’d like. It could also detail what they’d like to happen to the flowers afterward, like donating them to a nursing home or family.

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