Burial Insurance: More information

burial insurance

Burial insurance is the unofficial name for a life insurance policy that makes considerations for your funeral service. It’s often talked about in the same breath as death-in-service benefits, but the two are completely different. Death-in-service cover is a contingency that some employers put in place to provide a tax-free lump sum to the families

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Planning a Funeral: The Four Steps

planning a funeral

There are countless decisions to make when it comes to planning a funeral. You’ll need to answer a few obvious questions like where the service should take place alongside more subtle considerations like who will be registering the death. It can seem like a daunting prospect, whether you’re planning a funeral for yourself or for

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Writing a Eulogy

writing a eulogy

Writing a eulogy is never easy. Whether you’ve had months to prepare or must organise your thoughts and feelings in just a few short days, it can be hard to find the right way to say goodbye. There’s no single way to plan a funeral, just as there’s no ready-made speech that encompasses the feelings

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Funeral Plans: Four Famous Eulogies

famous eulogies

Writing or delivering a eulogy at a funeral can feel like an enormous responsibility. These affectionate speeches are designed to tell the story of a person’s life or celebrate their impact on the people gathered in remembrance. Funeral plans may call for one or more eulogies, which can be entirely original or might include readings

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