Choosing What to Write on Funeral Flowers

what to write on funeral flowers

Funeral flowers symbolise death but also growth and new life, knowing what to write on funeral flowers can be challenging. This long-standing tradition helps mourners convey the emotions and words they struggle to express to someone who has lost a loved one. Flowers have traditionally been a means of expressing emotion, and different flowers have

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Cremation vs Burial – Which is best?

cremation vs burial

When funeral planning, the first decision to make is cremation vs. burial; each service will have its positive and negative elements, but making this choice a priority can streamline decision-making further down the road. Planning your own funeral can be an emotional and thought-provoking experience, but a necessary one to ensure you leave your loved

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What Happens at a Burial Service?

burial service

Funerals can be an emotional experience, but knowing what will happen at a burial service can help alleviate any concerns. A burial service can be considered the traditional funeral choice and tend to have a religious focus. For some religions, including Islam and some branches of Judaism, burial is the only choice as cremations are

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What happens at a Cremation Service?

cremation service

An increasing number of people identify as non-religious, and do not want the faith-based aspect of a traditional burial in favour of a cremation service; however, certain elements are common to both services. Planning your own funeral is difficult; there is a lot to consider, including whether you want to be buried or cremated. While

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Military Funeral: The Key Aspects

military funeral

When a member of the armed forces dies in active service, they’re entitled to a military funeral and service burial, or funding towards a private funeral if the family wishes. Consequently, a military funeral may take many forms, although there are some key ceremonial traditions that are common to many; among these is the draping

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What is a Natural Burial?

natural burial

A natural burial is an emerging trend as traditional burials no longer reflect the way people live or how they choose to be remembered. Cremations now outnumber burials, but more eco-friendly alternatives are emerging, based on the idea of returning the body to the earth in an organic way. Natural burials mirror the way our

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Funeral Music : Choosing the right music for you

funeral music

Choosing the right funeral music can be challenging – do you want something traditional and classic, or an uplifting and celebratory anthem, a favourite pop song, or something a bit more conventional? It can be daunting deciding what music you’d like. Funerals are becoming increasingly tailored and celebratory, so selecting your own funeral music is

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Choosing Cremation Urns

cremation urns

Cremations and cremation urns have a long and varied history; from plain and simple, to ornate and decorative, cremation urns are a way of memorializing a loved one in a beautiful way. Cremation is one of the longest-standing commemorative traditions in history, and cremation urns signify respect in storing the deceased’s ashes. The earliest evidence

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