Royal Funerals: How are they planned?

royal funerals

Royal Funerals are unlike any other; bound by tradition and protocol, these large-scale services require a massive amount of forward planning. Just like a military operation, royal funerals are given a specific codename. Prince Philip’s was Operation Forth Bridge, the Queen’s is known as Operation London Bridge and Prince Charles’ is named Operation Menai Bridge.

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Humanist Funerals: The Rise in Popularity

humanist funerals

Humanist funerals are replacing the tradition and ceremony of religious funerals with a focus on a life well lived, rather than a person’s faith. More people than ever before now identify as non-religious. The faith-based aspect of religious funerals has fallen out of favor, resulting in an 80% decline in traditional religious funerals in the

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The Best Funeral Plans for Over 60s

best funeral plans for over 60s

Pre-planning a funeral, whether it’s a person’s own funeral or that of a loved one, offers families peace of mind at a difficult time. Planning a funeral in advance decreases the strain on loved ones and ensures a person will get the send-off they desire, choosing the best Funeral Plans for over 60s can ensure

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The Crowdfunding Funerals Trend

crowdfunding funerals

Funeral traditions are diverse. While historical funeral traditions shape how we celebrate a life and lay loved ones to rest today, new trends are developing all the time. With funerals becoming more and more expensive every year, how a person funds a funeral is also changing, along with the nature of the funeral itself. Crowdfunding funerals

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What does the Future of Funerals look like?

Funerals have evolved over the years and will continue to be shaped by people’s changing concerns and customs, as well as technology; the future of funerals will become increasingly personalised to the individual. The Affordable Funeral The average cost of a funeral in the UK is £4,184*, but cheaper alternatives are emerging, which are likely

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