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Inheritance Planning Brochure

Our complete guide to the range of later life products we offer.

Pre Paid Probate Plans

Probate can be complex and costly. Our Pre-Paid Probate Plans not only save you money but give those you leave behind peace of mind that everything will be looked after.

Executor Guide

What you need to consider when appointing an Executor of your Will, as well as a guide for those who have been named as an Executor.

Guardian Guide

If you have any dependants you need to consider who will look after them if something happens to you. This guide is for both Guardians and for those choosing a Guardian.

Lasting Power of Attorney

These are very important documents that everyone should have in place. Our legal team can help make sure you have everything in place.

Why make a Will?

We all know we should have a Will, but it can be difficult to find the time and the legal jargon can be baffling. Our advisors can take you through the process so you have everything in place, written in clear English.

Storing your Will safely

Once you have your Will you need to make sure it is safe and easy to access. We have safe storage facilities available for our customers.

Preparing for your Appointment

Not sure what information will be needed when you write your Will? This guide will take you step by step through what will be needed and what to expect.


Probate can be a lengthy and complex process. Let our legal experts take care of everything.


Arranging Trusts often goes hand-in-hand with writing your Will, and it can be quite hard to know what is right for your situation. Our legal experts can help guide you to help ensure you get everything set up the make the most of your hard earned wealth.

Equity Release

Want to release some of that hard-earned capital from your home? Equity release could be the answer for you.