Capital Life Ceremonial Plan

All the Funeral Directors costs are covered in this funeral plan, and they will be there to guide and help your family on all aspects of the service and any other necessary aspects that need to be covered. However, the third party fees (Disbursements) are not covered. This plan is for those who wish to cover a larger part of their funeral costs, reducing what is left to be paid for your loved ones.

What is included…

  • All the Funeral Director’s professional fees and services
  • Collection of the deceased to the Chapel of Rest/Funeral Home
  • Care and preparation of the deceased prior to cremation or burial
  • A basic veneered coffin, with personalised nameplate
  • Family visits to the Chapel of Rest at a mutually agreed time
  • Advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral arrangements, including the certification and registration of the death
  • Funeral time and date mutually agreed between the Funeral Director and next of kin
  • Funeral Procession from the chapel of rest to a local Crematorium or Cemetery
  • A hearse, Conductor and Pallbearers (4)

What is not included….

  • Any fees payable to doctors or a Coroner for the issue of death or cremation medical certificates, or Coroners certificates
  • Cremation/burial fees
  • Service at a Crematorium or Cemetery
  • Minister’s fees (for Crematorium or Cemetery service)
Capital Life Ceremonial Plan £2,795.00 request this plan
12 mths £191.25per month TOTAL FEE £2,795.00
36 mths £75.03per month TOTAL FEE £3,201.08
60 mths £49.53 per month TOTAL FEE £3,471.80
120 mths £30.41 per month TOTAL FEE £4,149.20
180 mths £24.03 per month TOTAL FEE £4,825.40

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Note: All monthly instalments are calculated based on a £500 deposit and a flat 5.9% Supplemental Charge for each year of the Plan calculated on the Plan Price and charged each month as part of the instalment payment.