Personalised Funeral Plans

We all like to do things differently and be individual, and planning for a funeral is no different. Whilst some of us don’t want any fuss, others will want to plan for their funeral, maybe having a large send-off, stating exactly how they want the day to go. Furthermore, the tone of funerals also seems to be changing; more and more loved ones are marking the day as a “celebration of life” rather than mourning.

Our different pre-planned funerals allow for designated services and reduce the financial and emotional burden on those left behind. However, we can cater for those who have special requirements, maybe a church or religious service? Or a big party to celebrate the life of a treasured family member? Maybe you loved a particular type of flower and you want them to be on your coffin, or for some birds to be released? Or a gun salute? All your wishes can be recorded and then passed on to your friends and family. You can leave a sum of money in order to carry out these wishes, so that your family doesn’t have to find the money at a difficult emotional time.

  • Church service
  • Order of service cards
  • Willow wicker coffin
  • Special flowers
  • knees up at a local favourite pub/bar
  • Personalised coffin
  • Executive Limousine(s)
  • Release of birds
  • Wish balloon release
  • Horse and carriage
  • Burial at sea
  • Refreshments at a choice of venue
  • Champagne reception at your family home