Will Storage

£36 per annum

Secure Storage of your Will gives you peace of mind

Your original, signed and witnessed Will is the only document that will be accepted at your local Probate Office, and it must be in an acceptable condition to ensure that your chosen Executor faces no difficulty in carrying out your wishes.

Secure storage ensures immediate access to the most recent Will and ensures that it is protected from damage caused by flooding, fire, theft, or malicious destruction by a person that stands to lose out. A lost or damaged Will can cause difficulty and delays for your Executor and loved ones when managing your affairs, meaning your beneficiaries do not inherit as quickly or as intended. If the original Will cannot be located for any reason your Estate will simply have to follow the government rules of intestacy, which may mean that the people who you wish to inherit don’t and maybe people who you don’t want to receive anything do.

Capital Life Secure Storage

By using Capital Life’s safe and secure storage facility, your documents are stored in a secure facility. You and your Executors (if required) will also get access to a secure online portal where digital copies of your documents will be stored. Furthermore, your Will is registered with Certainty – The National Will Register. In the event that your family could not immediately locate the Will, a search of the register would identify Capital Life had drafted them and allow them quick and easy access.