Probate packages

At need or Pre-paid Probate?

Capital Life are here to help with Probate, in order to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

There are 2 ways to pay for probate with Capital Life, either at the time of need or in advance via our Pre-Paid Probate Plans.

At Need

For those who don’t have a plan, Capital Life charge a percentage of all of your assets (property and belongings) which is valued at the time of need, so it is important for you to understand the likely value before making a decision whether or not to wait until death or pay in advance.

The table below details the potential charges based on the value of your Estate at the time of need:

Estate value Up to £325,000 £325,000 – £650,000 Above £650,000
Capital Life charges 2% 2.5% 3%
Potential cost £6,500 plus VAT £16,250 plus VAT £30,000*

*£30,000 based on a total estate value of £1million

Pre-paid Probate Plans

Should you wish to Pre-Pay for your Probate by purchasing a Pre-Paid Probate Plan, your loved ones could save thousands. Below is an illustration of how it works:

Estate value at time of plan purchase Up to £325,000 £325,000 – £650,000 £650,000 – £1,250,000
Capital Life charges £3,495 £4,995 £6,495
Potential saving £3,005 £11,255 £23,505

IMPORTANT: If your estate value at the time of death is MORE than the value of the purchased plan, an additional fee of 1.95% of the difference in values will be charged.


Mrs Smith buys a Probate Plan in 2021 for £3,495. This covers her Estate up to the value of £325,000. However, at the time of her death, her estate is worth £500,000; Capital Life will charge the Estate 1.95% of the difference between £325,000 and £500,000 totalling £3412.50. This amount will be paid out from the Estate, however the beneficiaries would, in this instance still save £5,592.50

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