Help with Probate

Pre-paid or help now?

Capital Life are here to help with Probate, in order to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

There are 2 ways to pay for probate with Capital Life, either when you need it or you can pay in advance via our Pre-Paid Probate Plans and save thousands.

Help with Probate now – “At need”

For those who don’t have a plan, Capital Life charge a percentage of all of your assets (property and belongings) which is valued at the time of need, so it is important for you to understand the likely value before making a decision whether or not to wait until death or pay in advance. The UIC care guide states Probate costs of 5% using a typical solicitor, so our fee of 3.95% of the Estate Value offers significant savings at the time of need.

The table below details the potential charges based on the value of your Estate at the time of need:

Estate value Up to £325,000 £325,000 – £650,000 Above £650,000
Capital Life charges 3.95% 3.95% 3.95%
Potential cost £12,837.50 plus VAT £25,675 plus VAT £39,500 plus VAT*

*Based on a total estate value of £1million

In all cases a minimum fee of £2500 plus VAT and Disbursements will apply to any Probate work requiring full Estate Administration.

Pre-paid Probate Plans

Should you wish to Pre-Pay for your Probate by purchasing a Pre-Paid Probate Plan, your loved ones could save thousands. Below is an illustration of how it works:

Plan Type Bronze Silver Gold Future Saver
Estate value at time of plan purchase Up to £325,000 £325,000 – £650,000 £650,000 – £1,250,000 >£25,000
Capital Life charges £5,995 £7,995 £9,995 From £19.99/month
Potential saving £6,842.50 £17,680 £29,505 Thousands

Included in every plan is the following:

  • Obtaining a Grant of Probate
  • Contacting all beneficiaries and providing regular updates
  • Accounting for any and all monies spent
  • Liaising directly with HMRC to ensure all Tax and VAT issues are resolved
  • Claiming life insurance where required
  • Closing down all bank accounts
  • Closing down all gas, electric and water accounts
  • Closing down all any mobile phone, landline and broadband accounts
  • Contacting any creditor and closing down accounts
  • Contacting local council to notify of change to Council Tax
  • Contacting mortgage company or landlord (where required)
  • Holding any money in a secure client account and ensuring that is monitored, audited and made available to beneficiaries for their peace of mind
  • If required, arranging valuations on property and listing for sale
  • What (if any) private pensions do you hold and their approximate value?
  • What other assets do you own – such as cars, jewellery or other valuable items and their approximate value?

NOT Included in your plan:

  • Cost of listing property for sale with an Estate Agent or similar
  • Land registry searches
  • Any cost not related to the Probate such as conveyancing, stamp duty or other applicable taxes
  • If Probate is contested, the cost of this will be met by the person(s) contesting
  • Other disbursements as per our Terms and Conditions (see below)
  • Please see our Additional Considerations Sheet (see below)

IMPORTANT: If your estate value at the time of death is MORE than the value of the purchased plan, an additional fee of 1.95% of the difference in values will be charged.


Mrs Smith buys a Probate Plan in 2022 for £5,995. This covers her Estate up to the value of £325,000. However, at the time of her death, her estate is worth £500,000; Capital Life will charge the Estate 1.95% of the difference between £325,000 and £500,000 totalling £3412.50. This amount will be paid out from the Estate, however the beneficiaries would, in this instance still save £10,612.50, as the cost for Probate “at need” would have been £19,750 (3.95% of £500,000)

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Pre-paid Probate Plan Terms & Conditions Additional Considerations Sheet