Why Choose Capital Life

Capital Life are here to help you arrange your funeral with respect and thoughtfulness. Our professional team of advisors will guide you through all the various options when organising your funeral plan, helping you through every step; it’s what we do everyday. We have a comprehensive range of plans available and you will have the option of tailoring them to ensure that you will have the funeral that you want and deserve.

We work alongside a large national network of local Funeral Directors who take great pride in their level of service too. So you can rest assured when the time comes everything will be taken care of; both financially and emotionally. We operate a 24 hour bereavement line and will ensure that when your loved ones contact us to use the plan, we will support them and ensure that it is as easy and stress free for them as possible at such a difficult time.

Capital Life have a range of plans to suit everyone.
Having a Plan in place is a sensible, practical choice that gives you and your loved one’s peace of mindCompare our Plans

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Traditional Plan






Majestic Plan